Beer Dye 2

You can start with just 2 people or you can have teams of two. You put a cup in each corner of the table and fill half way with beer. You put a line down the middle of the table (ping pong table is the best but you can make anything work). The cups need to be about 3 inches from the corners. Both sides roll the dice to see who goes first, the highest roll goes first. You throw the dice underhand, across the middle line, and above head high. If you miss the table, you drink. If you make the other team miss the dice after it bounces off their side, then you get a point and they have to drink. If you throw and hit the opponents cup, then the throw doesnt mean anything. It is kind of like an interference because of the crazy bounces off the cups. If you “cash” the dye in the cup, then you get a point, the other team has to drink their cup, and you get to throw again. You go to 7, but have to win by 2. Have fun with this one. It’s the best kind of beer dye to play.
(Thanks Dylan!)