What The?!?!

-Deal 10 Cards to each player 
-Lay rest of deck face down on table, while taking the top card and laying it face up next to the pile. 
-Player must lay next highest card in numerical order(e.g. If there is a 6 showing, player should lay a 7) 
-If player cannot lay next number, must lay a number within 3, AND drink the difference. (e.g. If there is a 6 showing, player could lay anything up to a 9, and if they layed a 9, MUST drink 3(difference between 6 and 9 is 3)) 
-If player does not have a card within 3, must take an initial drink for not being able to lay a card, then draw from the pile and take 1 drink for every card drawn with a limit of 3 cards. 
-If player still cannot play within 3 cards, the must lay there next highest card. 
-8’s are wild and can represent any card player wants(e.g. If there is a 6 face up, player could lay an 8 and say it represents a 2) 
-First player to get rid of all their cards wins!
(Thanks Adam!)