Game Start 
Shuffle the deck 
Spread all cards across table face down 
Pick a player to start 
Rotate Clockwise 
Look at person of your choice and ask a question 
That person must answer question with a question 
Keep going till someone Fuck’s Up and drinks 
2’s-Thumb’s Down  
Place both thumb’s down on table 
Last player drinks 
3’s-Give three 
4’s-Social (Everyone take a drink 
5’s-Bonsai-Last player to say BONSAI drinks 
6’s-Arm’s Up 
7’s-Take Seven 
8’s-Make a Rule 
9’s-To the Right 
10’s-To the Left 
Jack’s-Tell a Story 
Player who draws card starts with One word 
Player to left repeats that word and adds a word 
Keep going to left till someone Fuck’s it Up 
Queen’s-Bitches Drink 
King’s-Dicks Drink 
(Thanks Kevin!)