Get your favorite drink, shot glasses, stopwatch and dice. This game is created for couples only. 
Each person will roll the dice in alternating turns. First person to finish – wins. 
If you do not roll a set of double numbers, no action is taken and the dice are passed to the other person. 
If the dice land on the following double numbers – you must do the following: 
Double Numbers: 
1-1 = make the call (shot or clothing) 
2-2 = pass a shot to the other person + non dice roller takes a shot (2 shot total) 
3-3 = other person removes piece of clothing 
4-4 = truth or dare + non dice roller takes a shot 
5-5 = lucky roll again, put a piece of clothing back on 
6-6 = kiss the other person where they tell you + non dice roller takes a shot 
After a person is completely naked – that person follows these rules: (stopwatch needed) 
If you roll a double set of numbers – you get a free roll. 
If you roll a double set of numbers – you then roll a single dice – the number on the dice equates to total minutes for number rolled. (i.e. – single 5 equals 5 minutes) 
Double Numbers: 
1-1 = oral sex 
2-2 = non dice roller takes a shot 
3-3 = kiss body 
4-4 = non dice roller takes a shot 
5-5 = your choice 
6-6 = non dice roller takes a shot.
(Thanks Jake!)

Edward 40 Hands (MT)

This is like the normal game, but i have a drinking problem and i dont like pissing myself, so this is how we do it in montana. 
you can use one arm, or if u want, 2, and u can leave a hand free so u can piss 
but anyway u just keep adding on the bottles as you run out, DONT TAKE OFF THE EMPTYS!!, and this game works for any size or type of bottles, (try normal 12oz. long necks) but anyway, by the end of the night it can get pretty hilarious 
p.s. Be carefull about falling over, trust me…
(Thanks John)


What you need of this game: 
Multiple Players 
A lot of beer 
A deck of cards 
Arrange twelve cards in a circle, resembling a clock face. Deal the rest of the cards out to all of the players. Aces are 1 in this game. 
One player flips over the clock at the 1 o’clock position. Whatever the card is, that card is worth one drink. Aces, in return, are worth whatever that card is. For instance, say a queen is drawn. A queen card would be worth 1 drink, an ace would be worth 12 drinks. Each player hands out the cards that are in there hand that are either what card was flipped, or the card that’s worth the numerical number of the clock hand that’s flipped to the other players. After all drinks are drank, the game moves on to 2 o’clock. Say a 3 is flipped. A “3” would be worth 2 drinks (since it’s 2 o’clock) and “2” cards would be worth 3 drinks (since that’s what card was flipped). The drinks are handed out and the game goes on.  
You’ll probably want to start this one out sober, as I’ve rarely ever finished a game!
(Thanks Matthew!)

Around the world

Calls for: 
– Group of drinkers 
– Alcoholic beverage (preferably beer) 
– Cards 
Put the cards scattered in a circle around an unopened can of beer. A person randomly picks a card and follows the correct rule that matches their card. The next person in rotation will do the same. The rules are are simlpe. 
Ace: Is an “If you”. Person who pulls the ace says to the group for example, If you are wearing a red shirt drink. This can be any question, but starting with if you. 
King: Is make a rule. Who ever pulls this card makes up a rule and it applies to everyone inlcuding the rule maker through the rest of the game. UNLESS someone pulls a Queen and changes it. 
Queen: Is change a rule. Out of any of the rules, even the ones that have been made by other players, pick one, and change it to something else. 
Jack: When a jack is pulled, the card puller takes a drink and stacks it on the unopened can of beer in the center of you circle. When the 4th (last) jack is pulled, whoever pulled it has to drink the whole beer in the center. 
10: Is category. It can be anything you can think of. For example. Who ever pulled this card says Cigarette brands. You continue in rotation saying different brands of cigarettes. One cannot be repeated and you cant take more than 5 seconds. If, so take a drink. 
9: Is rhyme. Person who pulled this card says any word. You continue in rotation with the rest of the players saying something that rhymes with the original word. One cannot be reapeated and you cant take more than 5 seconds. If so, take a drink! 
8: Is sentence. Person who pulled this card says a word. The next person in rotation says that word and adds one of their own. The next person in rotation says both of the previous words and adds one of their own. The object is to remember and not to screw the sentence up. If so, take a drink! 
7. Is for seven heaven. After the card is immediatley flipped in front of them (face up)they stick their finger straight up in the air. Last one to do so drinks! 
6: Is for “dicks”. All guys cheers and takes a drink! 
5: Is social. Everyone cheers and takes a drink. 
4: Is for “whores”. All the girls cheers and takes a drink! 
3: Is for me. The person who pulled this card has to drink three times. 
2: Is for you. Person who pulled this card tells someone to take two drinks.
(Thanks Nicole!)

Circle of Death (wi version)

Place the deck in a circle face down. Each player picks a card on there turn. 
red card 2-8 u drink tht many 
Black cards 2-8 u pass out that many 
9 you rhyme 
10 waterfall everyone drinks till the person of your right stops if circle is moving clockwise 
J back one and circle is reversed 
Q catagory 
k freepass until the forth king its end game 
A rule (my favorite no swearing)
(Thanks Damian!)

Asshole 2

Not really based on the real one, but inspired… 
4 or more people 
Beer. Chugging contest begins. 3 beers. Everyone chugs at the same time. Last one finished is the Asshole. The game is however not over. The “asshole” can regain regular status by chugging 3 more beers. 
(Thanks Stephen!)

Circle Pong

Get a circular table, and two packs of two different colored cups.Red and blue for instance. Line the cups around the edge of the table every other color ( Red, Blue, Red, Blue ). One team is red, the other is blue. Bouncing may be necessary when applicable. Which makes it harder in some cases. 
All rules mentioned in a regular game of beer pong goes from there on. IE: Balls Back, Bounce Swat, Double Shot…etc… 
(Thanks Stephen!)


This game is ideally played one-on-one.  
Players sit on opposite ends of a table (preferably a dining room table or something that size). Each player has a coffee mug in front of them. You fill your mug half full of beer.  
You flip a cap and have someone call it in the air to see who shoots first.  
First person (eg. player A) tries to make a cap in the other persons (eg. player B) mug. Players then alternate shots.  
If player A misses, player B shoots. If player A makes it, player B gets a “rebudle” or attempt to “answer”. If player B misses, player B must drink and player A is rewarded a point. If the rubudle is made by player B, player A MUST make his next shot or he has to drink. It does not cancel out. This makes the “answer” to a made shot, that much more important. So basically, once a shot is made, first person to miss has to drink and the other person gets a point. 
After a point is made and the player drinks, he refills the mug halfway and player who made it last, shoots to resume the game.  
Games go to 7, and you have to win by 2. With the exception of a 4-0 game, which is a skunk. 
Misc. Rules… 
Shotguns – If you catch the cap after it deflects off the mug and it touches nothing else, you get a “shotgun” which is an extra shot you can use at anytime in the game. Cap must be caught with hands, and cannot hit any other body part or object. 
Half way – If you shoot and miss but the cap bounces back half way and stays on the table, you get another shot. If the cap passes the half way mark on the table then falls off, but you catch it before it hits anything, you get another shot. Must cross the halfway mark first.  
Make a cap while opponent is drinking – After a point is made, the player who made the point can shoot at the other persons cup as soon as they start drinking. If they do not cover the cup, or start to drink then get distracted and leave the cup open, you can shoot at it. This also applies to while the person fills their cup. If a cap is made at anytime after the player starts to drink (cup touches the lips) and before the cup is fully refilled, the player who is drinking must fill their cup, drink it and refill again with no point awarded. Score stays the same, the person who is drinking just has to drink more. 
(Thanks Josh!)


Like many other drinking games but a different variation. 
Lay all cards in a circle around a beercan 
One player picks a card and does what it means. Then places card on top of beer can with at least two corners off the edge. Then the player to the left picks a card and does what it means then places it on top of first players card with at least two corners off the edge of first players card.  
2. For you (Give out two drinks) 
3. For me (Take three drinks) 
4. For whores (All the ladies take a drink) 
5 Touch the sky (Everyone raises hands like a high five. Last person to raise their hand takes a drink) 
6 For dicks (All the men take a drink) 
7. Seven up (Everyone raises their drink. Last one to toast has to take a drink) 
8. Pick a mate (Choose someone who has to drink with you every time you have to drink) 
9. Bust a rhyme (Say a sentence. The person to your left has to rhyme with what you said. Goes on until someone can’t rhyme and has to take a drink) 
10. Categories (Choose a category, then player to your left has to say something within that category)(Ex. Cigarettes..Camel..Marlboro..Kool) 
J. Piss card (You can only go pee if you have the piss card. People cans steal it from you so hide it, but make sure you have a least two corners showing at all times or you have to give it up) 
Q. Thumbs on the table (Last person to put their thumb on the table has to drink) 
K. Social (Everyone drinks) 
A. Waterfall (Everyone starts drinking. Player who picked card drinks as long as they want. Person to the left can’t stop until player stops, and so on) 
If you knock down the cards off the beercan you have two choices depending on how everyone wants to play. 1. You have to shotgun entire beer or 2. You have to take as many drinks for as many cards fell down. (Ex. Ten cards fell off so player has to take ten drinks)
(Thanks K-Doug!)

Alf Stewart (aussie game)

Simple, but fun. 
have a drink of your choice, and while watching home and away, every time alf stewart appears in frame, everyone has to yell out “streuth!”  
last one to call it drinks.
(Thanks Adam!)