Texas Beer Box

Ok, if you and your buddies are driving down the road let say to a party and want to get shity before u even arrive this is what you do. this game is best to play during daylight hours….. ok step one- have lots of beer 
step two- every time u see a beer box on the side of the road every one screams BEER BOX!!!, the last person to see the box and to call it out has to drink a certain amount of beer. 
step three- when u lose on your 3rd time its double the drinks. 
step four- after the 6th time u lose its a whole beer…. 
if u notice texas highways are flooded with empty beer boxs so add to the cause to fuck someone out of BEER BOX!!!!
(Thanks Heath!)

Kings (NJ rules)

Spread out circle of cards 
Each person goes and picks one at time 
2- you (tell someone else to drink) 
3- me (you drink) 
4- floor (last person to hit floor/table drinks) 
5- guys (guys drink) 
6- chicks (chicks drink) 
7- heaven (last person to point up drinks) 
8- either 1. mate – you and someone else you pick drink 
or 2. categories – (pick a category such as sports teams, colleges, ect. stops when someone can’t think of one & they drink) 
9- rhyme time – say a little rhyme, last words must rhyme (can also just do words that rhyme) 
10- either thumb rule – (must place thumb on table, cannot remove it until person who picks card does) 
or 1. sentence – (each person says one word to a sentence, you must repeat whatever part of a sentence has been said so far and add a word..first to mess up chain or say something that makes no sense drinks) 
jack- rule – (make rule everyone must follow) 
queen – question (person who draws can randomly ask someone a question and if they answer they must drink.. ends when next queen is drawn and new question master is chosen 
king- never have i ever – (everyone puts up three fingers everyone goes around and says never have i ever..and something they havent done. point is to get people to put down fingers. first person out of fingers drinks 
ace- waterfall everyone starts drinking, 2nd person cant stop until 1st who drew card does, 3rd cant stop until 2nd does ect. 
you can also play where you place cards on a beer can in the middle, 2 corners must be showing. If you knock over any cards you drink that beer.
(Thanks Irelynn!)

Home Automation System

The home automation system takes the universal remote technology one step further. A universal remote is a device that is programmed to follow a simple command but home automation sends a command to a device or multiple devices. It can also interrogate the various bits of equipment for confirmation that a specific action has been performed.

A great number of possibilities exist as the home automation system is adjusted to individual needs and requirements. Dinner time atmosphere can easily be set up by pushing a single button or a security mode selected during the times that owners are out on a holiday. A comprehensive system can integrate entertainment, lighting and spa or hook up a remote garage door opener. However, most experts agree that it is not yet quite the time to get rid of old remote controls.

Lick and Stick

Needed-one deck of cards, and alcohol-mixed or shots 
Two players at a time, but the more players, the funner. Two players, take one card each from the deck. they lick the back (the decorated side, not the number) and without looking at it, stick it to their forehead. the two players look at the others card, and decide if there’s is higher or lower. whoever is wrong takes a drink, or shot.
(Thanks Tj!)

The Worst Game EVER!

This drinking game is played along the lines of rummy; except for a few select rules that will get you fucked up…fast. 
Like Rummy the point of the game is to lay down as many books as you can and get rid of your cards first. But in this game there are consequences: 
When you lay down a book(three of a kind, run,ect.) you must drink the value of the lowest card in the book. ( ie you lay down 6,7,8 you must drink six times) 
~Take out all but one queen. Whoever ends up with the only queen at the end of the game has to drink the “sharing is caring” cup.  
~Ace= pass the value of any card out of the last book you layed down to any other player to drink, rather then you drinking it. 
~King= pour some of your beer into the “sharing is caring” cup 🙂 
~Jack=make a rule (jacks can be re-used) 
~10= Anytime a ten is played or discarded you exchange one card with one other person. (starting with the player who layed the 10 down.) Everyone must exchange a card with another player untill everyone has exchanged at least one card. 
Hope you have fun. 
(Thanks Tank & Sticky!)

Take Off

Basically a play off of the game “BANGCOCK” only instead of the person who finds the card drinks everyone else does.It is also based off of Bob and Doug Mackenzie, hence the Take off quote. Game works well with a bigger group of people (4-6 minimum). Take a regular deck of Cards and designate someone as the thrower/caller. They then throw the whole deck into the middle of everyone and call out a suit and number. The first player to finds that card yells out “TAKE OFF”. They then make everyone else drink for as many seconds as the cards number(4=4 seconds, ten and facecards= ten seconds). Once the card is found the person that found it becomes the new caller and the original caller joins the game. Continue until all 52 cards are called.
(Thanks Chris!)