Popular Role Playing Games

There are a large number of role playing games out there. Your age and interests will dictate what the most popular role playing games available are for you. Role playing games have been around for quite some time. Dungeons and Dragons, the first commercial role playing game, was released to the public in 1974. D and D (as it came to be known) was a game that was based on a fantasy theme that included magicians, kings, queens and wizards. It is now the most popular role playing game in history. Soon after D and D was introduced, another role-playing game was developed. This game was created by Marc Miller. It was a science fiction role playing game called Traveller. These two games laid the foundation for all role playing games. Now, there are countless role playing games to choose from. Whether you prefer role playing games for your home video game console or close to role playing games offered online like video poker game, you’re sure to find one that suits your specific gaming tastes.

Popular Role Playing Games – RPGs in the Video Game World

At first, role playing games (RPGs) found a popular footing without the aid of video game systems.  But the days of D & D have given way to a rich role-play gaming world that is played by millions of gamers.  Game franchises like the early Zelda or the more contemporary Final Fantasy make millions of dollars in gaming sales and even movie spin offs. Some franchises like Diablo release several iterations of the same title, with sequels often pulling in more gamers than the original.


Popular Role Paying Games – Massive Multiplayer Online Games

With the advent of the Internet, RPGs got a completely new and massive overhaul. Massive multiplayer online games like WarCraft and SecondLife have changed the face of RPGs forever. These games are extremely complex, and each of them extremely popular. The evolution of popular role playing games continues. Even today, we see a great variety of new titles springing forth new realities, gaming challenges and even entire online communities.

Popular Role Playing Games – A Few of Today’s Popular Titles

Many of the most popular RPGs of today, such as Gothic, Fable, Grand Theft Auto and Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 are very in-depth and attractive to a wide variety of gamers. The game The Godfather was based on the popular the film series. Most RPGs allow multiple gamers to play simultaneously and you can even interact with each other. The nice thing is you can play with people on the other side of the planet as it is all done via phone and fiber optic cables. Most of the time, all gamers need is a copy of the game, an Internet connection or some sort of online console action like Xbox Live service. Role playing games are fun, entertaining and social, or at least they are social to some degree, and they have certainly advanced since the early days of D and D.


Monzingers is a drinking game that was created in Pacific Beach, CA after a fun night at the bars. Monzingers is one of the best drinking games ever created. It is very basic and easy to teach to your friends. You need at least two people to play, but it is much more fun with groups of at least 4 or more. In order to play the game, you need at least 4 dice (2 is ok if you don’t have extra), a shot glass, a table or other flat playing surface, and your favorite hard alcohol. The shot glass is the filled with a pre-determined amount of alcohol (full, half, etc..). The players must sit around the table and keep their same positions throughout the game. 
To start the game, each player will roll one of the dice. The player with the highest roll starts the round. Each player will then take turns rolling two dice. After Each person has rolled, the player with the lowest roll must take the shot. After the shot is taken, the person sitting to the left of the person who rolled first starts a new roll. You continue to do this until everybody has had a chance to roll first. Once this happens, you have completed a round.  
Here are the rules that make the game interesting…. 
– You can not quit in the middle of a round…Once the round is started, you are not able to quit until everybody has had their chance to roll first. 
-If a player rolls off of the table, he/she automatically takes the shot. After the shot is taken, the remaining players still make their rolls and the one with the lowest roll takes a shot 
-If a player rolls a 12, every other player must take immediately a shot. After the shot is taken, the remaining players still make their rolls and the one with the lowest roll takes a shot. 
-If a player rolls snake eyes, he/she automatically takes two shots. After the shots are taken, the remaining players still make their rolls and the one with the next lowest roll takes a shot. 
-If a player rolls out of turn, he/she automatically takes a shot. After the shot is taken, the remaining players still make their rolls and the one with the lowest roll takes a shot. 
-If two or more players roll the same number, a roll-off will determine who takes the shot for the round. The players re-roll their dice at the same time, and the lowest roll takes the shot. If the players roll the same a second time, they both take shots.  
-During a roll off, one of the rolling players may challenge the other to take additional shots. If this happens, both players must agree to the terms before the roll takes place. 
These are the basic rules to follow when playing Monzingers. The game becomes more fun when you begin to add your own rules for people to drink more. If taking shots is too much alcohol, you can play with mixed drinks, beer, or anything else you can find.
(Thanks Todd!)

Flip Cup Guys Flip Cup Rules

Teams consist of 6 players. At the start of each series, teams will be placed on opposing sides of their designated tables. FCG will determine the amount of beverage to be poured into each cup at the start of each competition. FCG will designate the side of the table that will start the race. Games begin with a gentleman’s tap (tap cups, down to the table, up to the mouth). Once the tap is completed, the relay race begins. Once a cup’s contents are finished, the player must place the cup mouth up on the edge of the table. The cup will be flipped from this position until it lands mouth down. Players cannot touch their cup until the previous player’s cup is 100% face down on the table. The remaining players will repeat the same process until all members have successfully flipped their cups. In the event that the last 2 cups land and settle at the same time, the game will is considered a do-over. The first team to successfully flip all of their cups wins the round. The first team to win 4 times will win the best of 7 series. Each player must flip each game and can only use one hand to flip cups. Players who spill or pour out excessive beverage from their cup will have to start over.
(Thanks Flip Cup Guys!)

Dodge Beer

This is a great backyard party drinking game! It consists of two teams of two at opposite ends of a rectangular table. Each player must have a full beer can(cans are a must) that is placed in the four corners of the table. One teams starts by throwing 2 ping-pong balls at the cans, in an attempt to strike the can. The teammates throwing the balls can alternate throwing or throw at the same time. If a ball strikes the can then the player whos can it is must retrieve the ball and place the ball on top of the can, all the while the player who threw the ball at the can is chugging his beer. He does not stop chugging until the ball is placed on top of the can. The game is over when a teams beers are absolutely empty. If a team throws 2 balls and completely misses both cans on their throws then the team that was being thrown at can take a sip of there own beers. If one of the two teammates has an empty beer then the game goes down to 2 on 1 and so-on til somebody wins.
(Thanks Mark!)


This game can be played with anywhere between 3 to 7 players, preferably. A whole deck of cards is dealt out among the people playing. The cards are dealt face down, dont look at them. The first person flips over their card, lets say it’s a 8 of diamonds. The person directly to the left of them then flips over their card, and say they flip over the Jack of diamonds. In this case, both players have to drink the respective amount of seconds that their card represents since they both layed down a card of the same suit(8 seconds and J equals 11 seconds). The process continues as long as the person to the left of the last person to lay down throws a diamond also, and the chain continues. If the person throws down, say a 3 of clubs…the chain is now broken and a new one starts. Also, if a player were to throw down the same card, say one player throws down the 10 of clubs and the person to the left throws a 10 of spades, it also is connected and the players must both drink 10 seconds. If the the player to the left of the 10 of spades throws down a spade also both people who threw down a 10 must drink again because the two spades are connected to eachother and both 10 are connected to eachother. The value of face cards are J=11, Q=12, K=13, and A=15. This game usually lasts about 20 minutes, and one player usually gets screwed over pretty nicely. Enjoy!
(Thanks John!)

Civil War

This is a game that is basically a variation of Beirut/Beer Pong ( whatever you want to call them). Instead of having One, 10-cup pyramid, each side has Three, 6-cup pyramids. It is a 3 v 3 game in which each person has one set of cups assigned to them. Obviously, there are 3 pong balls used. The game starts however you like but one team starts with all 3 balls. The object of the game is to, you guessed it, get every cup eliminated before the other team. The variation is that every time a cup is eliminated, it is placed in front of the remaining cups, essentially creating a barricade, or a wall to prevent the other team from getting more shots in. Teams can build the wall of cups however they like, as long as they stay in a single row, directly in front of the remaining cups. The game is also continuous, meaning that play never stops. You can shoot whenever you want. However, if you hit someones arm or hand while they are building their wall, they have to take one of their own cups away. By the same token, if you knock over their wall of cups, you have to eliminate one of your own cups. The rules differ from traditional beer pong in that there are no same cup eliminations. If that happens then the team has to drink two cups instead of just one. Also, if all 3 players get shots in, they can have the balls back. Now, the reason the game is called “Civil War” is because of what the players can do besides shooting. If the balls bounce off the table, they are fair game for anyone to grab. You can set your own rules on what is and isn’t allowed, but basically the players can fight for the ball. Whoever gets it, can shoot it. You are allowed to stand up to the middle of the table to block other players from getting the ball (just dont block the shot unless its a bounce), but once it is on the ground, you can chase it wherever it goes. If one player has all of their 6 cups eliminated, they can no longer shoot the balls, but can still defend against bounces, fight for the ball, and build the barricade up for their side. If that player successfully grabs a free ball, they can give it to one of heir teammates who can still shoot. This is a great game, but it should be played in an open space, away from anything valuable, because it can get very physical.
(Thanks Chris!)


For this game all u need is at least 2 people and a lot of liquor or beer. 
You start by laying out 10 cards face down you flip the first card then ask the person if they think the next card will be higher or lower…If they guess wrong they drink for the for the diffrence. 
For example.if the first card is a 5 and they guess high and the card flipped is a 2 you have to drink for 3 sec.
(Thanks Shane!)

Eta Pi (BJ Action)

What you will need: 
-1 normal sized cup 
-Supply of bottled beer 
Quarters Eta Pi rules is played with all playing members sitting all around a table with 1 normal sized cup placed in the center. All players remove the bottle caps from their beers and give all of them to the starting player (Player 1). Player 1 tries to get as many of the bottle caps into the cup in the center of the table by bouncing them off of the table (Just like in regular quarters). 
At the end of player 1’s turn the number of caps s/he got in the cup is the number of drinks s/he is allowed make any other player drink.  
*For example, if player 1 makes 2 successful shots he can either make player 2 and 3 each take 1 drink or make any player take two drinks in a row.*  
If player 1 does not make any shots then he himself has to take a drink 
After player 1’s turn all of the bottle caps are passed to his right so that player 2 can begin his turn 
Any new bottle caps that accumulate (by opening new beers) are given to player 1 to hold until the caps that are being used circle all the way around the table back to the starting position of player 1 who then puts the new caps into play. 
Getting three caps in the cup in a row then requires everyone to do a waterfall.  
The number of drinks the player who is currently playing has to drink if he misses all of his shots increases as the number of caps increase.  
0-19 caps: 1 drink if player misses every shot 
20-29 caps: 2 drinks… 
30-39 caps: 3 drinks… 
and so forth.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Fill a ton of shot glasses, place them on the table, and grab “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler. Choose someone to start. When she says “turn around” that person should take a shot. When she says it again the next person in clockwise rotation takes a shot. This goes really fast so be ready with the liqour.
(Thanks Sharee!)

Tap Out

All you need for this game is two shot-glasses, two quarters, and at least four people. The two shot glasses are seperated among the people so they are not next to each other. The objection of the game is to bounce a quarter off the table and into the shot-glass. Once you get the quarter into the shot glass you pass it on to the person on your left, and they do the same thing. If someone cant get their quarter into shot-glass before the other shot glass catches up to them, they have to take a shot. The catch is if someone makes their quarter in on their first try they can pass the shot-glass to anyone they want at the table, usually the person to the right of the other person with the shot glass. this speeds up the game, and gets everyone smashed.
(Thanks Ben!)