What you need for this game is two six sided dice, a cup, and copious amounts of booze. The game is started by having everyone in your group role the dice once, with the highest combined number getting the honor. ie. a 5 and a 6 counts as 65, or a 3 and a two counts as 32. Doubles count as whatever the number you rolled times one hundred ie snake eyes would be 100, two twos would be 200. The person starting then fills the cup with as much beer as they want to. They then roll the dice from one to three times to set the roll. The goal of the game is to set the highest role in the least amount of roles. The person to the left of the starter then gets to role to try to beat the starters role. They only get to role the dice as many times as the person who started the game rolled them. It is perfectly legal to roll just one die at a time if you have a number you like up, like a 6. For example… the starter rolls a 6 and a 4 for a 64. while this is a good opening role the starter is a dipshit and decides to roll just the 4 again. He then rolls a 6 because the stupid are always lucky and ends up with 66 or six hundred. He stays on this setting the roll at 600 in two. The rest of the group now gets to try to beat 600, but they only get two rolls to do it in. The guy who rolls next will probably set the bar much lower, so it behooves him to call “low” calling low means that if someone ties you they drink the pot instead of you. Now, there are certain rolls which have effects on the game. If someone rolls a 21, they get to hand out the glass to whoever they please, who must chug it, and then refill it with as much beer as they want. If someone rolls a 31 they double whatever amount of beer is already in the cup. If you role any die off the table, the other players must scream at the top of there lungs “Sloppy Fucking Dice!” and you have to chug the pot. The game is over when a complete circle is made, and the person with the lowest total, excluding a 21 or a 31 has to chug the pot. This may seem like a game of dumb luck, but there is a fair bit of strategy involved. For example, whoever starts off the pot is allowed to fill it as much as he wants, but also can be bitten in the ass by someone who gets a 21 and makes them drink the pot they just poured. Or if you are getting towards the end of a round and it is apparent who will be drinking the pot some fucker always rolls a 21. Instead of giving it to the guy who will drink at the end, give the (probably small) pot to someone else. This puts the loser at the mercy of the person who just drank, as whenever the pot is chugged the person who chugged it can fill it up as much as they want. This is a very fun game, never fail when you think your fucking them, they are fucking you. The more drunk everyone gets the more stupid things they do making for some serious risk taking, and in turn chugging. Four guys can easily go through a case of beer in a half an hour. More is better though, so good luck and good drinking!