3 Man Drinking Game

You will need: 2 dice, 4 or more people, lots of beer.
Take one die and everyone takes a turn rolling it until someone rolls a “3”. He/she is “3 Man”. The person after “3 Man” begins the game.
Roll the dice and follow the instructions below accordingly
– (2) “1’s” (snake eyes): Player makes a rule (ex. when “3 Man” touches his nose, everyone drinks).
– If at least (1) “3”: “3 Man” drinks. If “3 Man” rolls a “3”, s/he can turn over the “3 Man” title to any other player. The player after the new “3 Man” continues the game.
– (1) “1” and (1) “2”: “3 Man” drinks twice.
– Total of 6: Everyone touches their nose, last to do it drinks.
– Total of 7: Player behind you drinks.
– Total of 9: Player ahead of you drinks.
– Total of 10: Social, everyone cheers and drinks except not with “3 Man”, that’s two drinks.
– Doubles: Player can give both dice to one player or split them and give them to two players. In any case, the dice are rolled and the player who turned over the dice gets to decide the amount of drinks given (ex. both players drink the total amount).