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You need a deck of cards minus the jokers and at least 4 people…the more the better as you get pretty wasted in this game, and you also need alot of beer or whatever else you are drinking. First start with one card face down in the middle then start dealing the rest of the cards face down in circles around it until you have several complete circles. everyone sits around the circle of cards and whoever brought the cards and dealt gets to pick the first unlucky soul. The first person turns over a card in the outer most row and must drink that many shots of whatever is your poison. 2-9 is face value 10, J, Q ,and K are worth 10 and aces are worth 15. You keep going around the circle of people and they keep drawing whatever card they want from the outer row until all of them have been turned up. Now when you get to the second row all values are doubled and you must drink twice the face value of what is shown. Third row is triple the value until you get to the center which is worth 4 or 5 times depending on how many rings you got. Just hope its not an ace that can really make someone wake up a few days later.