Beer Dice

You need at least two players to compete against each other, teams are more fun however. Opbjects of the Game: To make your opponent reach a score of 5 before you. Sub-objects (have no bearing on the actual outcome of the game, but more chances to make your opponent drink) ‘PLANK’ your opponent Deflect the dice off your opponent’s cup Ingredients: (1) dice (1) 12-16 ounce cup full of beer (and lots more for refills) for each player. Setup: Players (or teams) sit accross each other at least 5 feet apart, separated by a table. Players place full beer on table in front of them. Players on same team separate their beers at least 3 feet apart (you’ll see why). Playing the Game: To start the game, person on one team tosses the dice up in the air (at least 4 feet above the table – easiest is underhanded) trying to have it: (1) land in an opponent’s cup (PLANKing your opponent) or (2) deflecting off an opponents cup. If the dice goes in the opponents cup they all have to finish their beers. Once they finish their beers, the person who has the dice in their cup must then roll the dice on the table. If they roll a 5, the team that did the PLANKing must finish THEIR beers. If the dice deflects off a cup then the opponent has to drink one drink from their beers. Each team gets five turns to finish their beer. If the beers are not finished at the 5th drink they have to pound an extra beer. Regardless if the dice does or doesn’t hit a cup, the goal is to have the dice bounce BETWEEN any two cups and land on the floor. If it does, then the team that wasn’t able to catch gets penalized one point. If the dice was caught then no points are awarded to either team. You go back and forth until one team accrues a scor of 5 and loses. The losing team has to finish the remainder of their beer. As you can see there is almost a drinking game within the game. A team can lose because they can’t catch, but they can end up making the other team drink more if they are good at tossing the dice!