BeerShot Asshole

Normal asshole rules apply. There are many possible BeerShot Variations that can be added to make this game more interesting. Here are a few suggestions, feel free to come up with your own using BeerShot’s RANDOM INTERVAL, TIMED INTERVAL, and DEAL CARDS. Suggested BeerShot Variations: When a 5 is dealt (or whatever card you choose), the asshole ‘spins’ the roulette wheel on BEER CHALLENGE game and all must do what BeerShot says. Set RANDOM INTERVAL to 10 minutes. If the BeerShot Drink ‘Alert’ is a burp, the first player that can burp gets to give out 2 shots. The same goes for the farting sound effects, but not for vomiting please. Set TIMED INTERVAL to 10 minutes. At the BeerShot Drink ‘Alert’, the asshole must take 4 shots. This makes being the asshole for long periods of time more challenging. Set RANDOM INTERVAL to your choice of minutes. At the BeerShot Drink ‘Alert’, use DEAL CARDS to display a card. Any player that can produce this card from the hand they currently hold can create a new rule for the duration of the game.