Cardinal Puff

As many people that want to play can, 4-6 is best, each player needs a cup(plastic preferable) full of beer, Sit around a table and pick one person to start. How to play: First person raises his cup with thumb and index finger and says “I would like to drink to cardinal puff for the first time this evening” then proceeds to drink (can be as long as they choose since they must finish the beer by the time they are done), then they proceed to do the following: with index finger only, swipe across each eyebrow ONE TIME, one side of upper lip ONE TIME and then the other side ONE TIME, tap one leg ONE TIME and then the other ONE TIME, stomp one foot then the other, then stand up and then sit back down ONE TIME. (As you can tell, this is a sequence thing) then with your thumb and index and middle finger pick up your cup and say “I drink to cardinal puff puff for the second time this evening”, again as long as they like, but they still need to have enough beer left to do it again for a third time, and then you must proceed to do everything in previous round in twos (but using your index and middle finger. The for the last time you must say ” I would like to drink to cardinal puff puff puff for the third and final time this evening” using your thumb, index, middle and next finger to lift cup and take three drinks (finishing the beer) and do everything in last rounds in threes with the same three fingers, when donne, you must pick up the cup with your thumb and three fingers, turn it over and tap it on the table three times. The catch: everybody else is watching you to make sure you don’t make any mistakes and I mean ANY LITTLE mistake, and if you do screw up you must finish your beer and wait your turn to try it again until you get it right, IF you finish you can sit back and just point out mistakes, and of course you can call yourself a true cardinal puff! This game can last a LONG time but is alot of fun to watch people make asses out of themselves! And it is harder than is seems, but I can truely call myself a cardinal puff, and I’m a woman! =o)