Drunk Driver

All you need is a deck of cards and some beers. One person is the dealer. They go around and ask each person “black or red” for which color the card is. If the person gets it right they assign another person(s) to drink for 2 seconds, but if they get it wrong the person drinks for 2 seconds. The next question is “higher or lower” than the past card, with a penalty of 4 seconds. Next is “inbetween or outside” the 2 numbers of the cards(example..you have a 4 and an 8 inside number would be a 6), with a penalty of 6 seconds. Next question is “which suit” with a penalty of 8 seconds. Then you line up two rows of 4 cards. The top row is give away, bottom is take. So if there is a 2 on the top and you have a 2, you give away a two second penalty drink. Then it goes down the line 2,4,6,8..with the last one being finish your beer. Start the night out with this game and you’ll be good!