Irish Hot Potato

You need a group of friends and a ball and something to drink. Basically the game is playing catch with your friends, but with a few exceptions. When throwing to someone, you must say the name of someone else in the circle besides the person you’re throwing to. For example, joe, bob, and gary are playing. gary throws to bob and says, “joe”, that is ok. if gary throws to bob and says “bob” he is out and drinks. 1. if you say the same name twice in a row, you are out and you drink. 2. if you say the name of the person you are throwing to, you drink. 3. i you say your own name, you drink. 4. if you wait more than two seconds, you drink. 5. if you peg the ball at someone (a peg will be decided by majority vote), the person pegged gets to peg it back at you for free. 6. the first person to win 3 times gets to make a new rule. 7. any stray balls, the last person on one knee with a finger on their nose fetches it. 8. when there are two people left, the same name cannot be said twice in a row between the two.