Kings (the palm springs way)

Take all the aces out of the deck of cards spred the cards out and draw if you get a: 2=you pick someone to drink (2’s for you) 3=you drink (3’s for me) 4= for girls (4’s for whores) 5= slap your hand on the table and then the last one has to drink 6=all guys have to drink(6’s for dicks) 7= you point up to the sky and the last one has to drink (7 point to heven) 8= challenge someone to drink when you start drinking and stop when you do (8 pick a mate) 9=you have to say something and everyone has to rhyme to it, and then the person who can’t ahs to drink (9 busta rhyme) 10= you have to say something that youve never done, and then if you havent you have to toast to it Jack= you have to pick a catagorie and the person who cant answer has to drink Queen= you have to start drinking and then after you stop the person next to you does and it goes in a chain effect, until its done King= everyone has to pour their beer for 2 sec’s in the the center cup, and then when you’ve got the 4th king that person has to drink the whole cup