P.O.D. pyramid of death

Get some guys together to play this shit. (no girls, this game is hardcore) have at least one beer for as many people who are playing and build two pyramids. Decide captains somehow, i don’t give a shit how you do that, then pick teams.
Go off to the side with your respective team and decide a team name. Some previous examples are: scrotal fury, if we lose it’s because of scott, and “hey guys look over here” (at which point the players on that team would proceed to pull a testical out of their pants, and when the others would look at their testical’s, some would laugh and others would say “what the f*ck is that?”) but don’t take those names f*cker, they’ve been used.
After you are finished with that the judge will then announce that the game is about to begin, at which point everyone present will gather around. The judge will announce captains and team names and each team will grow a hatred for the other team (i still hate you josh). Now its time to play, the captains will place their hands behind their heads and prepare to pick up the top beer of the pyramid. The judge will announce “3….2….1….POD” each captain will then reach down and open his brew as fast as possible, drink for 2 seconds and pass it to the next player who will also drink for 2 seconds and so on. you will continue this until the beer is finished and placed on the ground, at which point the next player in line will pick up the next beer and proceed.
Once all beers are finished by the first team to do so, the other team must stop drinking. now the judge will examine all beers and determine a winner after considering all penalties. he will then take the wrists of the two captains and raise the hand of the winning team.