Please see our official web site for pictures and better rules! Drinking Game – by PinkyMcDrinky How to play: What you need: – one pink die (6-sided) – two white dice (6-sided) – one shot glass, and liquor of your choice (Tequila) The game begins with one player rolling the pink dice (aka “pinky”). After the initial roll, both players roll their white dice simultaneously. Basic Play: – If the sum of the two white dice is 7, both players take a single drink (social). – If the players roll the same quantity on their dice, they paper-rock-scissors. The loser takes one drink. – If one of the players matches the pink dice, the other player drinks that amount. Once the number on the pink die is matched, the player that matched it re-rolls the pink dice. Exceptions: Triples: If all three dice match, a paper-rock-scissors is performed to decide who will drink. The loser drinks the number on the dice + 1 drink. There is only one exception to this rule: 666 Rule: If at any time three 6’s are rolled, both players must attempt to grab “pinky”. The player who fails to pick him up in time must take a shot out of “drinky” (our affectionate name for the shot glass). On occasion, when liquor was absent, we have substituted chugging the rest of your beer for taking the shot. Sloppy Roller Rule: If at any point the dice falls off the table, the roller takes a drink and must re-roll.