Quarters is great because all you need is a quarter, a shot glass, and a table, preferably hard wood. There is a lot of debate as to how this game actually starts…you can spin the quarter and go by where the nose or beak points, but it doesn’t matter. Whoever pulls a quarter out of their pocket can start the game because everyone will ultimately get a chance to play. The goal is simple: bounce a quarter off the table and into a shotglass. If the quarter goes into the glass, the shooter chooses someone to drink. The shooter’s continues to play until they do not make the quarter in the cup. Play then proceeds the next shooter (clockwise). If a shooter makes three quarters in a row into the shotglass they make a rule. For example: Don’t use the word drink. If anyone uses the word ‘drink’, they have to drink. If any rules are broken, the person who broke the rule must drink.