Spelling Buzz

Like a spelling bee, with all contestants competing standing up. After spelling a word successfully, the contestant takes a drink. Miss and you’re out; fall down (knee/elbow/buttock/hip on floor) and you’re out. Last person standing wins. If everyone in a round misses, everyone in that round is back in. Also, last person standing must spell one extra word to win; else everyone who was eliminated in the previous round is back in. A couple house rules: 1) To handicap for body weight/spelling ability/etc., one can give different contestants drinks of different strength. E.g. small glass of wine for 105lb. women, shot of hard liquor for average person, shot of grain for smartass type that always won them in school. 2) To add challenge, speed up the game (more misspellings), or for seasoned drinkers: contestant takes 1 drink after Round 1, 2 after Round 2, 3 after Round 3, etc.