This game can either be done as time trials or as one-on-one racing. You need 5 shot glasses per person and plenty of your chosen drink, usually beer. 5 shots are lined up in a row and the player must down the first then spin around quickly…pick up the next shot down it and spin around, etc. etc. So basically you do 5 shots with a spin after each (including after your last shot). Spins and shots must be alternated-i.e you can’t do 5 shots and 5 spins. You also must finish the shopt before you spin, you can’t drink while you’re spinning. Half the challenge is picking up the tiny shot glasses when you’re dizzy. The spinning motion and the fact that you’ll probably drink a fair amount get you very drunk. At a party this is ideal to do as a knockout competition. Write everyones names down and the winner of each bout goes through to the next round.