*you start off with a deck of cards.(take out the jokes)* doesnt really matter how many players the more the longer it takes but its still really fun. ok you spread all the cards out on a table face down. then the frist person picks a card. If he/she gets a 2-5 they have to drink that many times, if they get a 6-10 they can pick someone to drink and or slipt it up between two ppl, if they get a jack that is a “rule” where you make up any rule you want ex:no pointing – if you get cought pointing you have to take 4 drinks, if you get a Queen that is “rhyme time” where the person who picks the card has to say a word( frist one that comes to mind) and the other players have to come up with a word that rymes with it if you cant come up with a word you have to drink, if you get a King this is a “catgory” you have to pick a topic like cars( ppl have to come up with a type of car) if you cant come up with one you have to drink, and then if you get an Ace thats a “race” and you can pick two ppl to race or you can race someone..and you play tell the deck is gone…the more decks you play with the longer it takes but the more fucked up you get!!! *have fun* :drink responsibly: