3 Man

This version of 3 Man is a different, more fun variation of the previously posted 3 Man.
This version of 3 Man Involves:
2 Dice, as many players, the more the better.
3 Man Goal:
get horrible wasted.
3 Man Rules:
1. Each player rolls the dice until a 3 is rolled on one or more of the dice (not including a sum of 3 ie: 1+2). The first player to roll a 3 becomes the 3 man. No rules apply until there is an initial 3 Man.
2. Every time a 3 is rolled by a player other than the 3 man, the 3 Man must drink.
3. If the 3 Man rolls a 3, he or she is no longer 3 Man. The next player to roll a 3 is the 3 Man. All other rules are still in effect.
4. If at any time a player rolls double 3’s, he or she is automatically the new 3 Man.
5. Any player to roll doubles other than 3’s passes the dice either to one or two players, who then roll(s) the dice. If the dice rolled are doubles, the passer drinks and then passes the dice on to the next player. If they are not doubles, both players drink.
6. If a 7 is rolled, the person to the left of the roller drinks. if an 11 is rolled, the person to the right of the roller drinks.
7. If a 10 is rolled (doubles or not) every player drinks (it’s a social!)
8. If at anytime, a player makes another player drink (not including him or herself), he rolls again. If a player is able to roll 3 times in a row, he or she gets to make a rule.
9. If the dice are rolled off of the table/playing area twice consecutively by one player, that player must finish the rest of his or her beer. If that beer is almost gone, get a new one and finish that.