Beer Poker – Shot Ante

It’s really easy, and you can do it with just a few people. All you need is a deck of cards and any kind of alcohol. (Base the alcohol choice on how long you want to play before passing out). For this example, just to make it easy, we’ll say there are 4 players and we’re playing regular five card poker. Get up to the point where you would be betting. At that point, you have to bet by shots. So player #1 raises it one shot, and player #2 matches. If no one else goes in, they (players 3 and 4) have to drink one shot each. Now if player #1 or #2 raises it, they will have to drink that much if they lose. The winning hand sits out of drinking that time around and they are the dealer the next round, and they can set up a new game (7 card or whatever). Usually works well.