Fuck Me Up Fuck Me Down

You need a deck of cards, a lot of beer, and a bunch of people (but the less you have the faster you get drunk). deal one card to each person around the circle until someone gets a two. that person says “two” and drinks while the dealer collects the rest of the cards. starting with the person next to the one with the two, deal a card to everyone till you find a three. the two person says “two” and drinks then the person with the three says “three” and drinks. repeat this process until you get up to ace, drinking every time you call your number (sucks for the person dealt the two). if you get dealt more than one card you have to drink for each card. when you get up to ace you go back down, looking for an ace, then a king, etc. on the way down even if you are not dealt the card you are looking for (jack, for example) but you got it on the way up, you have to drink. game can stop once you go up and down once, or you can keep playing till you use up the deck.