The game is played a lot like this website’s version of beer pong, but without the contact. 4 players mandatory (2 can play but its not the same) You can play with either 12 (6-6) or 20 (10-10) cups arranged in bowling pin fashion with the point leading towards your opponent. 2 beers or so should fill all 10 cups fine (per team), pour how much u want in 6 cup. You play on a ping pong length table, with around a door’s sized width. You can begin any way you want, but one team has to start first. Since you can play with quarters (my colleges favorite) or ping pong balls, you can just flip a coin or whatever. The object is to sink the quarter or ping pong ball inside one of your opponents cups across the table. You and your partner shoot one a turn, and then play is turned over to the opponents. During shooting, there are a couple rules. 1. If you sink one cup, your opponents will drink that cup once your partner is done shooting. 2. If you and your partner both hit the same cup, your opponents drink 3 cups (2+1 that they fell in) 3. If you and your partner hit different cups, you get them back and your opponents drink. This is why its important that both people shoot before they take the cups off the table and drink. 4. If a cup falls off the table its out of play, no one drinks it but it counts as a cup that went in. A lot of these rules can be changed from place to place. Most greeks have their own rules from fraternity to fraternity. Rule number 1 is the only important one. This game can be very entertaining at big parties.