Quarter Wars

This game is very similar to quartes. Very similar. Ok, first you need six cups and 4 players. Put one cup upside down and put another cup on top rightside up. Then put the other 4 cups around the stacked cups. Fill them with beer. Each cup pertains to one of the people. So 1 of the 4 cups is yours. Here is where quarters comes in. It goes around the table. You have to bounce the quarter in a cup. If you hit it in your cup you have to chug half of it. If you hit someone elses cup they have to chug the whole thing. If you hit it in the middle cup EVERYONE has to chug there beer as fast as they can. The LOSER or the SLOWEST has to also chug the middle cup. After one of the cups is empty just fill it back up and keep playing. If someone quits get a new person to come in. Usually the winner is who stays on the longest with out quitting. Rhett is sweet!