Circle Of Death (NC Version)

OK u need a lot of beer, a deck of cards, and some peeps(males and females prefered). Ok you get in a circle and fan the cards out face down on the table in a cirle type patern. Each person draws a card in turn and this is the meaning….
2- You- You pick someone else to drink
3- Me- You drink
4- Whores- all the chicks drink
5- Thumbs- everyone puts thumbs on the table and last one drinks
6- Dicks- all guys drink 7- Heaven- everyone points up last one drinks
8- Pick a Mate- you and someone u pick drinks
9- Bust-a-Rhyme- you say a word and the next person has to say something that rhymes until someone cant think of something to say and they drink(ex: cow…pow…now…cant think drink) 10- Waterfalls: person who drew starts to drink and the next person drinks and it goes all the way around and u cant stop drinking till the person before u basically u drink until the person before u stops(will f*ck u up if u with so heavy drinkers
J- One back- person before you drinks
Q- Questions- u can only talk in questions and first perosn not to use a question drinks
K- Never have I….say never have I dont something and if someone has they drink(good way to figure out secrets about ur friends)
A- Make a Rule- You make a rule and if someone breaks it they drink(best one dont say the word drink) Have Fun