Fuck You!

This game doesn’t have a requirement for people. You can play with 2 people or 12 people it doesnt’ matter. You need one or more decks of cards then you put all the cards in the middle like go fish. Then you pick a person to go first and they pick up a card. Then they do what that card means(they are as follows:) A- FUCK YOU ( means that when you get the ace you say fuck you and the last person to say fuck you has to drink) K-rule card ( you make up a rule ex: the 3 D’s(drink drank and drunk) if anyone says any of these words then they have to drink) Q-Female’s drink( only the women take a drink) J-Male’s drink (only the men take a drink) 10- bathroom card ( you keep this card until you have to go to the bathroom, it can only be used once then it is to be put back into the pile. You can only go to the bathroom if you have this card.) 9- thumb card ( When a person picks up this card they put their thumb down it can be on their forhead or the ground but the last person to see this person do it has to take a drink or shot.) 8-you give out eight shots 7-you give out seven shots 6- you give out six shots 5- story time ( the person that picks up this card says a word then the next person repets this work and add’s only one more word and you go around your circle doing so until someone fucks up. The person to fuck up has to take a drink. Ex: Player one “Once” Player 2 ” Once a” Player 3″ once a pon” player 4 ” once a pon a” player 5″Once a pon a time”) 4-you take four drinks or shots 3-you take three drinks or shots 2-You take two drinks or shots