Circle of Death

Works best with at least 4 people…but if you are seriously bent on getting hammered, any number will do. You will meed a deck of cards and serious amounts of brew and a watch with a second hand or a timer. Take a deck of cards and put it on a table in the center of your circle of people. The first person draws a card and lays it face up next to the pile. The next person pulls a card and lays it on top of that card. If they are of the same suit, the players drink for the number of seconds shown on their cards. (face cards can be 10’s or J=11, Q=12, K=13). Example, player 1 draws the 9 of clubs, player two draws the 9 of diamonds. Both players drink for 9 seconds. Now when the third player draws, if he gets a 9, all three drink, if he gets a diamond just he and player two drink for the number on their cards, if he gets the 8 of hearts for example, play moves on. For more serious pain, use multiple decks and when players get exact matching cards, they have to finish their entire drink in front of them immediately.