All you need is a deck of cards,one less spoon than you have players(ie:4 spoons for 5 players) and of course beer or liquor. First all players sit around a table. then put all your spoons in the middle of the table. Then the dealer passes four cards to each player and keeps the deck to his right side.The dealer then takes a card from the deck and either keeps it while discarding one in his hand or just passing it to the person on his left who inturn does the same and so forth untill the last person makes a pile next to the deck. You can only have 4 cards in your hand at a time. if you have more you lose and the dealer wins.the object is to get four alike cards (ie:4 kings,4 aces, 4 two’s) and grab a spoon.the dealer can go as fast as he wants so the game can get going fast or slow. The person who gets the 4 alike cards wins and is new or still dealer and the one with no spoon is quite a loser. The cool thing is if you grab a spoon quietly after you get 4 alike cards you can sit back and watch the game keep going untill the other losers realize they need to grab a spoon. The winner tells the loser how much to drink and the rest of the table must drink half the quantity of the loser.