Fast Numbers

Alright, the only disclaimer on this game is that you must be drunk to start the game. Everyone who is playing (preferably no more than 8 people) sits in a circle. No cards or dice are required. A random person is designated as the “Thinker Guy.” The rest of the people in the circle are the “Guesser Guys.” Starting with the “Guesser Guy” to the “Thinker Guy’s” left, the “Guesser Guys” are going to try to guess what number the “Thinker Guy” is thinking of. That is done like this: (1) The “Thinker Guy” thinks of a number between 1 and 10. (2) When the “Thinker Guy” knows his number he says the word “READY.” (3) The first “Guesser Guy” then guesses a number between 1 and 10 that he thinks the “Thinker Guy” is thinking of. (4) Absolutely immediately after the guess is finished coming out of the mouth of the “Guesser Guy”, the “Thinker Guy” then says the number that he was thinking of. (*Important note: you must be drunk and you must say the number right after the guess or else the game doesn’t work) (5) If the “Guesser Guy’s” guess is wrong, he must drink the difference between his guess and the actual number. If the “Guesser Guy” is correct (i.e. if the Thinker Guy says the same number as the Guesser Guy guessed), the Thinker Guy must drink double that number. (6) The “Thinker Guy” keeps on going around the circle of “Guesser Guys” until someone guesses his number. Then, the “Guesser Guy” who guessed the number becomes the new “Thinker Guy.” If he gets all around the circle with no one guessing his number, the job of “Thinker Guy” is passed one spot to the left.