The Real Cardinal Puff rules!

So far, I have seen a couple close variations to the way Cardinal Puff is played, but here’s where we separate the kiddies from the adults.. 🙂 Cardinal Puff (The real and only way to play); Start with a pint glass of your favorite barley pop, full. The objective: Finish the glass in six tries, and leave no backwash. -The penalty for such will be revealed shortly, read on. Grab the pint glass with your thumb and forefinger and hoist. “I drink to the honorable Cardinal Puff for the first time tonight.” Consume that which you can (remember there are five other drinks from the pint ahead, so don’t do too much). Tap the glass, once on the bar top, then set it down. With the fore finger of each hand, tap the bar top (alternating left/right), tap the underside of the bar top, tap each thigh top, tap each thigh back side, tap each foot, sit up, then down once. Grab the pint, hoist aloft using thumb, index and forefinger and toast “To the Cardinal Puff Puff, for the second time this evening.” Consume two times, tap the glass twice on the bar top, and use two fingers and repeat the first step (tap, tap, etc…) On the third try, the player (or victim), will say; “I drink to the Cardinal Puff, Puff, Puff, for the third and final time this evening.” Hoist glass using thumb, and three fingers and consume all remaining brew in three separate drinks (making sure there is virtually none left in the glass). With three fingers, repeat tapping sequence (three times each, obviously). Upon finishing tapping sequence and sitting sequence, the subject needs to grab the glass with an inverted grip and proclaim “Once a Cardinal, always a Cardinal, never spill a drop.” While proclaiming this, the player inverts the glass, releases the grip and inverts (to upright) again. -There should be no liquid from the glass on the bar from the inverted pint (other than glass condensate), if there is.. -Drink! Repeat the whole process again! If there is none, the ruling Judge shall ask the subject; “Are you a Cardinal?” To which the subject shall reply; “You bet your sweet ass I am!” -Any other answer is unacceptable and constitutes repeating the whole process again. If, in future times, you are appraoched and asked “Are you a Cardinal?” The only answer can be; “You bet your sweet ass I am.” The person asking the question may then challenge the person by saying; “Prove it.” The person MUST prove they are by doing the whole process before you. They in turn, can ask the same of you. To make the game more challenging, my best friend and I have upped the anti… The basic level is Cardinal Puff, accomplished by one pint glass. The following is the rules for advancing in the ranks. 🙂 Cardinal One pint glass Bishop Two pint glasses, the first glass fully consumed on round one, then parts two and three on glass two. Arch Bishop Three pint glasses, one for each part of the game. Pope A pitcher. Here’s the kicker. In order to proceed up the ranks, you have to accomplish each step before it at one sitting! So far, I know of only three people that have ever accomplished that feat. Me, I’m stuck at Arch Bishop before I give in.. 🙂 So, are you a Cardinal?? 🙂