Fuck You 2

First you start out by making a pyramid of cards. there are four on the first row then 3 placed above the first row then two then one. the dealer then passed out the rest of the cards to whoever is playing. The dealer then flips over the first card in the row of four. then the dealer says social fuck going once social fuck going twice. Anybody with the same number card can throw thier card down and say “fuck you” pointing at somebody in the game. the the dealer starts over saying fuck the persons name going once and so on. if someone else has the same number then they can throw it down and fuck the same person or someone else. if the dealer say fuck whoever for a third time the that person has to drink. if nobody throws a card down then it is called a social fuck and everybody drinks the alloted time. the drinking times go like this the first row (the four cards) is 2 times the amount of cards put down. so up to 8 seconds. the second row is 4 times the amount of cards. the most would be 16. the third row is 6 times the number of cards. (24 seconds if all four cards are put down) the last row and final card is 8 times the amount of cards played. 32 second is a full beer. this game is fun as hell and will get you fucked