What the fuck

Seat all players Indian style and similar to Shit, each player comes up with a name for themself, such as dumb fuck or dry fuck and so on. Then clapping rhythm is began by the starter, with a four-beat pattern, such as a leg slap, clap, “anti clap” (opposite motion of a clap making no noise) and lastly clap. This is repeated throughout the game. The starter begins the call by saying “What’s the name of this fuckin game, I said What, The, Fuck, here we go now, What, The, Fuck” Then call outs begin. The starter states his/her name and calls someone else’s name, who has to continue, using his/her name followed by someone else’s. This progress like, “Dumb fuck, dumb fuck, callin out Dry fuck” and then Dry fuck follows right after, “Dry fuck, Dry fuck, callin out Drunk fuck” and so forth. When someone messes up, they have to take a swig.