Fuzzy Duck

Everyone has a beer ready. Pick a person to start. That person says “FUZZY DUCK”. The clock-wise-rotation next person says the same, OR “DOES HE?”. This reverses the cycle (so in this case, it’s the first person’s turn again) and people say “DUZZY FUZZ” instead of “FUZZY DUCK”. Whoever screws up while the rotation cycle is going (for example, someone says “FUCKY DUZZ”) has to drink. Then, it’s the next person’s turn. etc. If someone says “DOES HE?” twice in a row, that person has to drink twice. Example: 5 people in a cirle. 1st person: FUZZY DUCK 2nd person: FUZZY DUCK 3rd person: DOES HE? 2nd person: DUZZY FUZZ 1st person: DUZZY FUZZ 5th person: DOES HE? 1st person: FUZZY DUCK etc.!