Get Fucked up

Get a deak of cards. Spread the cards facedown in the middle of the table. Then whoever wants to start the game draws a card and does whatever the card means. Just keep going around the table until you’re out of cards or alcohol. HAVE FUN! Card Meanings: 2 is for you. The drawer of the card has to take a drink. 3 is beer bitch. The person holding this card has to get everyones beer whenever they need it until the next 3 is drawn. 4 is for whores. All the females have to drink. 5 is slap the table or thumbmaster. The holder of this card can slap the table at any time. The last person to slap the table has to drink. For thumbmaster the card holder places their thumb on the edge of the table and the last person to place their thumb on the table must drink. The card holder can slap the table/thumbmaster as much or little as they like until someone else draws a 5 and then they can no longer do it. 6 is for dicks. All the males have to drink. 7 is to your left. Whoever is sitting to the cardholder’s left must drink. 8 is hate and great. The card holder has to choose someone they hate and someone that think is great and those two people have to drink. 9 is to your right. Whoever is sitting to the cardholder’s right must drink. 10 is a social. Everyone has to drink. Don’t forget to toast! Jack is waterfall. Everyone starts drinking at the same time and must keep drinking until the person to their right has stopped drinking. The cardholder is the first to stop drinking and it continues until everyone has stopped. Queen is questions. The cardholder starts off by asking someone else a question. That person must ask another person a question in response to the previous question. The game ends when someone doesn’t answer the question with another question. A question cannot be repeated or taken too long to ask or that person must drink. Kings are catagories. Choose a catagory(i.e. Types of Beer). Then take turns, starting with the cardholder, and name things from the catagory (i.e. Budweiser, Corona, Miller Light). If a person takes too long in answering or can’t come up with something then they have to drink. Ace is a rule. The holder of this card can make up any rule they want (i.e. No one can use any word that starts with an s or they drink). However, the cardholder is immune to his/her rule. The Cardholder also has to catch the person(s) breaking the rule in order for the rule breaker to have to drink. Each rule is kept throughout the whole game….so pay attention.