Zumie, Zumie

As many people who want to play can. Everyone needs a beer. The persons idea to play the game gets to be Zumie. Everyone is assigned a number starting with 2 because Zumie is just refered to as Zumie. The Zumie always starts with the same chant. “F*ck me up…Zumie,Zumie”(you chant this to a beat of 2 hits to the table, and 2 claps of your hands…example…f*ck/hit, me up/hit, Zumie/clap, Zumie/clap)The Zumie then says his/her name( Zumie, Zumie) and someone eles number…example…Zumie, Zumie 4, 4. Then it is 4’s turn, they continue by saying 4,4 2,2. All this is done while keeping the beat of the hit hit clap clap. Anytime someone makes a mistake by going off beat, or not saying their number first. They must drink while the other players sing them a song. The players may sing as fast or as slow as they like. The song is…”You sucked it, you f*cked it, you know you loved it, so drink mother f*cker, drink mother f*cker, drink. At any point during the game a player may send the game back to the Zumie by saying their number and then Zumie, Zumie(3,3 Zumie, Zumie). The Zumie then increases the speed of the game.