Golden Chandeliers

Similar to quaters, alot similar. Bounce a quater off the table into a cup. Need lots of beer and 3 – 6 players to be fun. Each player has their own glass and there is a larger glass that belongs to the community. Ok- Set the larger glass in the center of the table and each persons indivual glass must touch this large cup and sit infront of the assigned player. Each glass is to be filled about 2/3rds and you will have a Golden Chandelier. If the quater lands in your glass you drink, and hand the quater back to the person who made the shot. When he misses he can “chance” where if he misses again he must drink his assigned glass or he can pass the quater. If the the quater lands in the big cup everyone must drink their assigned glass as fast as possible and slam it on the table. Whomever is last to slam the glass, (you can also choose something that has to be exclaimed ie: done or done bitches or whatever you prefer) must drink the big glass. Always refill to 2/3rds after every drink. The bluff: If you grab your glass and the shot does not fall in the community glass, a “Rim Shot”, “Rimmer” or “Rim Job” there are 2 punishments either you drink the Community or you have to Clear The Table Drink and drink all glasses. Depending on how sadistic you are choose your punishment. So do not grab your glass unless that quater is going in the community glass. The catch. There are 3 ways to leave the game. #1 drink everyones glass and the comminty glass “Clear the table” #2 Puke/pass out #3 Run out of Beer Enjoy and Take it sleazy, Tim