I Never

This is a superb game, not so much for the beer drinkin but for what you can find out about the lovely young lady sitting next to you. This is not a game that you would play with just your buddies, you must have some chicks there to make it fun.
You will need: Beer and Chicks
Everyone sits in a circle or closest thing to a circle. Actually you don’t even have to sit in a circle as long as you can remember who’s turn it is. The person who had the idea to play this wonderful game goes first.
The first player says “I Never…” followed by an event that he or she may or may not have done. For example “I Never cheated on a test”. If anyone playing HAS done the event like cheated on a test, they would have to drink. Then it goes to the next person and continues in the same manner until you pass out or know too much about your buddy and his pet gerbil.
Note: This game is a perfect ice breaker and you can strategically state “I Never’s” to find out how wild someone is.