High, Low, And Everything Else

Needed: One deck of cards. A lot of beer. Any number of players. No imagination whatsoever. How to: Flip one card face up to each player. Ace is low, King is high. Or make twos low and Aces high. Either way, the object here is to get drunk, so if you’re a stickler for the rules, go play one of those “movie” drinking games. Here is how people drink: Lowest card drinks. Highest card distributes a drink to anybody but the lowest card. Ace (or any other wild card) distributes 6 drinks, as many as he/she wants to any person. Or reverse it. Or change the rules totally around. All that matters is that no brain power is required. You’re dealt a card, you either drink, give a drink, or “luck out” (depending on how crappy a drinker you are) and don’t drink at all. Some fun additional rules: Make each card number equivalent to the number of points you have to get/give. Players shoot the points out to each other, and at the end of all the hoo-ha, the points are totalled and everybody drinks their amount. One point = one drink. In this case, one “drink” can be a sissy mary *sip* where you tilt your head back and raise the glass to your lips. Play with models and change all drinking references to “kissing on concealed body parts”.