Easiest but most consistently fun drinking game Ive ever played. — Sit in a circle and spread a deck of cards or 2 decks into a circle One person starts by picking a card from the pile and placing it face up in the middle of the circle. The next person clockwise picks a card from the circle and lays it on top, and this continues until the cards match. If the suits OR the numbers match, everyone slams their hand down on top of the matching cards, and the last person to get their hand in drinks. (Do this with shots, and not beers, or it will be a weak ass game.) When you are the last one to get a hand on the pile, you take a shot, and collect the pile. Then you start the next round by drawing from your pile of cards instead of the circle, and continue to play from your hand until it runs out, then draw from the circle. When you are low on cards just redo the circle.