Some Drinking Game Rules

Most drinking games allow players to make rules, here are some of our favorites. First and foremost it is imperative that no rule makes any exceptions for one or more players. They must be fairly applied to all players, at least at our table. No first names, players may not address each other by their first names. One drink per violation. No cussing. One drink per violation. Rename players, choose names arbitrarily or shift players names to the right or left. i.e. if the players are Jimmy, Matt, Geoff, and Jason Jimmy becomes Matt, Matt becomes Geoff and Jason becomes Jimmy. One drink per violation. No pointing. One drink per violation. Thumbmeister. The player designating the rule usually begins by subtly putting his or her thumb on the table, the rest of the hand may be concealed beneath the table. All other players must then follow that example putting their thumbs down on the table edge. The last player must drink and becomes thumbmaster. D words. No player may say drink, drank, or drunk. One drink, er sip for each violation. Green Man. There is a little green man resting on the edge of your beer. He must be removed and placed on the table before drinking and replaced on top of the beer afterwards. Failure to do either requires the offending player to drink. Another name game. All players must choose signs (handsigns, or motions) or sounds for themselves. Player must be addressed by their respective handsign and no names may be used. One drink per violation.