You will need a quarter, a die, and a cup, preferrably a large plasitc one. The first player puts the quarter and die on the table, then puts the cup upside down over the quarter and die so that they are trapped under the cup. That player then begins to shake the cup back and forth, flipping the quarter and die around underneath. When ready, that player calls on another at the table and that player then guesses heads or tails. If the guessing player is correct, he or she becomes the ‘Shaker’. If the guessing player is incorrect they must then drink the number showing on the die. After three successful turns the ‘Shaker’ may make a rule Is the ‘Shaker’ loses the quarter or die from under the cup at anytime during play he must drink the numbe showing on the die and then forfeits his turn to the player to the left. Tips for play; While shaking push the cup down on the table from the top. Some folks tend to squeeze the sides of the cup. This creates gaps between table and cup on two sides allowing the quarter or die to slide out. With practice it is possible to take the cup, containing the quarter and die, off the table while shaking. Begin by shaking the cup back and forth, stopping on one side near the table edge. On one pass, allow the cup to slide off the edge of the table. As the cup leaves the table begin moving it in a downward arc, while turning the cup right side up. Once the cup is almost right side up, reverse the motion and bring the cup back to the table, upside down of course. The object is to keep the cup in constant motion so that the quarter and die and ‘held’ against the side. Practice this before playing and encourage spectators to give it a shot.