Speed Quarters

Played similar to standard quarters, except all players are involved. setup…two quarters, two cups and a minimum of six players (less players work, but i have found that six is the best). Also, the game is played best on a round table. arbitrary starting positions are selected, with the cups and quarters directly opposite each other on the table. “1”…”2″…”3″…”GO”… both players sitting opposite each other proceed to bounce their quarters and attempt to get it in the cup…continue to do so until you get it in. when/if you get it in, pass the cup and quarter to the person on your left…they proceed to try and get the quarter in the cup…if both cups end up at the same person, they lose… The loser then proceeds to “stack” both cups on top of each other…(if they can)…and attempts ONE shot at bouncing the corner into the top cup. If successful, the two stacked cups are passed back to the person to the right of the loser, and they must attempt to get the quarter in (since this is the person who screwed the loser in the first place) If they are successful its passed back to the loser again, until someone misses. On the event of a miss, the person directly across from the “missee”, “Spins” the quarter…while the quarter remains spinning, the loser drinks…(assistance from the other players in keeping the quarter spinning is suggested!!!! But it is difficult.) Once the quarter stops…the loser stops. its that simple…game play continues with the loser starting and the person directly across again. In addition, when the loser attempts at the stacked cups, and lets say makes it, when it is passed to the person on the right, and that person misses, the spin iks doubled…(meaning, you spin first…they drink…then you spin it again…thus doubling the penalty.) continue to add a spin everytime the “stacked cups” are passed between the two players. This is not necessary for the game…but it makes things very interesting.