Shotgun Rally

Teams of three…more can be added if more “events” are invented…. All three players on each team are paired against an opponent of the other team and brought to there respective station….approximately one hundred feet from each other.. First station…. Both players “shotgun” their beers (you know crack the whole in the bottom of the can and proceed to consume)….then run about 20 feet to there next mission…. They must spin themselves around a bat, or object of some sort, three times, still holding their empty can of beer…then try and run to there next teammate position… They must give them the empty can of beer….. The next competitors shotgun their beers, still holding there previous teammates empty can (shotgun holes can be precut before round starts..) then proceed on their next mission…the third teammate, although not done is involved in this…. The second teammate must stand at a predetermined position, whether far or close to their original position, and await for the third teammates delivery… The third teammate proceeds to throw a raw egg…distance predetermined…to the second teammate with BOTH EMPTY BEER CANS IN HAND(S)…after the”catch” (and they must either catch the egg, or be covered in it…or another egg must be tossed!!!!!!)…the second teammate carries the two empty beers, now in hand along with the “egg” and bring all to the third teammate…(if the egg is broken on the second teammate…another egg must be used by the third teammate for completion of the round…. Thus proceeding to the final journey…the third teammate must then shotgun his beer…holding egg, and two empty cans….then proceed to final destination holding all three cans and raw egg. The final station is left up to the participants of course, but I do have a good suggestion…. At a predetermined distance…some type of citrus fruit, such as a lemon or lime…(try to make it small) will be placed within a cooler for instance, filled with cold ice….and don’t bury the fruit…this is going to be hard enough…. The third teammate must then pick up the fruit with their mouth…still holding the three empty cans, and the raw egg…and run to the predetermined finish line…..where there teammates at this point should be waiting and cheering for the fabulous display of stamina and charisma… This can be done in multiple rounds…I think at least three, so that all teammates can feel the pain of going last!!!!!