Spinner II

You will need a quarter, plenty of beer, and several players. Decide who starts and that player then spines the quarter, before it comes to rest the ‘Spinner’ slaps his or her hand over it, flattening it on the table. The ‘Spinner” then picks a player to guess heads or tails; If the guessing player is correct he becomes the ‘Spinner’ and the game conitnues. If the guessing player is incorrect the ‘Spinner’ picks the quarter back up and the player prepares to drink. The ‘Spinner’ spins the quarter and the drinker must drink, continuously, until the ‘Spinner’ stops the quarter or it comes to rest on its own. The spinning quarter may only be touched to stop it. If the drinking player is able to finish his or her beer, and set it back on the table, before the quarter comes to rest, or before it is stopped by the ‘Spinner’ the ‘Spinner’ must then finish his or her beer and give up their turn. After the third consecutive turn the ‘Spinner’ may make a rule.