Cops and Robbers

You will need a deck of cards, beer, and five or more people for this one. This game is best played later in the evening. You will need at least five players, but the more there are the better. They must all be able to sit around one table. Remove an Ace and a King from the deck, then count off enough cards so that there is one for each player. Deal the cards out to all players. Players do not reveal their cards to each other. The player who recieves the Ace is the ‘Dealer’ and the player who recieves the King is the ‘Cop”. The ‘Dealer’ must wink at someone sitting around the table, and once that has happened the person who was winked at states “The deal has been made” (its a good idea to wait a few moments after being winked at). At this time the ‘Cop’ reveals himself then begins guessing who the ‘Dealer’ is. For every wrong answer the ‘Cop’ drinks one. If the ‘Dealer’ is the last person reamaing after all others have been accused, the ‘Cop’ must finish his beer. If the ‘Cop’ observes the wink, or is winked at the ‘Dealer’ is busted and must finish their beer.