Waterfalls or Four Kings (asia’ version)

Waterfalls (Four Kings) The more people there are, the funner it is. You start out [everyone has their own beer]with a beer (or shot, or whatever) in the middle. you place a deck of cards, minus the jokers, around the middle drink. This is how that categories go: Ace-Waterfall; the person who drew it starts drinking and everyone follows. once the first drinker is done, it goes down the line. the next person can choose how long they want to drink for, and the person after that can’t stop drinking until the person ahead is done etc. etc. Two-Two is for you…you must pick a person to take two drinks Three-Three is for me…you must take three drinks Four-Four is for whores…all ladies drink Five-The person who drew the five splits the drinks any way s/he wants. Ex. one person takes a drink, another takes four… Six-Six is for dicks…all men drink Seven-The person to the left of the drawer has to drink Eight-The person to the right of the drawer has to drink Nine-Nine, nine bust a rhyme…The dealer starts out saying not just one word, but a whole sentence. Ex. first person-The man was putting on his shoe…next person-when he fell over next to you…next-he also fell into some glue…etc. The rhymes keep going until a person messes up; that person takes a drink. Ten-Categories. The person who drew a Ten says (for example)”energy drinks” and then names one (Sobe-Adreneline). The next person says another until the chain is broken. The breaker gets to drink. Jack-The person who draws a Jack gets to make a rule. The most fun include: Thumbrule (where the drawer can place his/her thumb on the edge of the table (or whatever) and the last person to notice, and have theirs on the table too, has to drink. Another rule is no swearing; where each time if someone swears and is caught, they have to take a drink. Even though a Jack may be drawn again, all rules remain; four rules can be going at once, but no one can do the same rule twice. Queen-Queen is for a bathroom break. it can be played or saved. King-This is where it gets interesting. Each king is placed off to the side, and when the forth king is drawn, the person who drew it has to drink the beverage in the middle. The game can be over, or shuffle the kings back in.