Kage Hockey

The game is fast-paced and really gets you drunk. All you need are 2 or more players, preferably 4 or more for a great game, a table, a quarter and lots of beer bottles. To figure out who spins first, I recommend spinning the quarter and whichever way the nose or beak points is who spins first. The person who wins the toss starts the face off. Everyone must have a full open bottle of beer in front of them on the table facing each other to start the game. The face off is started by someone spinning the quarter. That person then calls out a name, and the person whose name was called becomes the shooter. The shooter then tries to flick the quarter and hit the bottle of ANY player (even himself if he loves to get drunk). The other players become goalies at this time and defend the bottle by constantly moving their hand up and down the bottle with only pinky and pointer finger pointed outward. Just think of it as doing the “Hook ’em Horns” and turning it sideways running it up and down the bottle as fast as you can. The shooter then flicks the spinning quarter at the bottle. In the event that the bottle is hit, the goalie has to drink. The catch is, the shooter gets to spin the quater again and make him drink as long as he can keep the quarter spinning. If the goalie happens to block the shot, then the shooter does a face off and calls out the name. Often, when a full bottle is hit hard with the quarter, it will fizz up and over the bottle. This is called a volcano. If this happens, the goalie is responsible for catching all that fizz without it hitting the table and without using his hands to pick up the bottle. If he fails, then he must drink his whole beer. As the game continues, alliances will form and break constantly, and you will be better at aiming shots toward different parts of the bottle.