To my knowledge this game was invented in the late eighties at Cal U of PA at the Phi Kap house. I played professionally for several semesters. To play you need a table and a plastic beer cup, the kind from the sleeve. You can have as many people as you like play, so long as the teams are even and the table is big enough. I always like two on two the best. The rules are simple, you drop the cup onto the table and have it land standing either way. Before you drop the cup height must be above your eye level. If the cup lands standing upside down it is one point, if it lands normal or right side up (like you would normally use it) that is worth three points. The cup must stay on the table, if it falls off that is “sloppy cups” and requires the bouncing team to drink. If you don’t score the bouncing tema drinks. A one point score requires a drink fromt he other team. A three pointer requires the other team to chug,finishing whatever is left in their cup. You may notuse your hands to keep the cup on the table at any time, doing so is a foul and requires the offending team to drink. You may use your “booty” to keep the cup on the table. If you bend or crush the cup when using your booty, that a is a foul and requires the offending team to drink. Amateur games are to 11. Professional games are to 21. A whitewash is effective if you go 7-0 in amateur play or 11-0 in professional. Tie games are decided deuce style, you must win by two.